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Our History

A little history about us and our dogs - my husband and I have always had dogs within our families my husband had Springer Spaniels and I had only crossbreeds. When we married I brought along with me my old crossbreed bitch called Smudge. My husband had inclined towards field sports and on buying our first house we found we were ideally situated in the middle of 400 acres of open ground, prime for rough shooting and so training commenced with Smudge who funnily enough became a natural but didn’t quite look the part.At this time due to work commitments, I wasn’t really actively involved with the sport and my husband convinced me he needed what he called a proper dog! so we got the books out and researched for a good all-round working dog that would also be loyal and happy to be within the home, the Vizsla fitted the bill completely.We traveled all the way to Leeds to collect our first Vizsla, she had been born in quarantine from a bitch imported into the country from the USA, her pedigree name was Valley Hunter Duty Free and we called her Ella Bella. Since her arrival in the home, we never looked back. So our passion for owning and working the Hungarian Vizsla was born.When Smudge died Ella Bella pinned dreadfully and we decided it was time to have another dog, this time we traveled to north Wales and collected a beautiful Vizsla bitch called Denoffa Chestnut Fields, or Denie for short, her lines are from a good working background on both sides, the sire being from Oroshaza of Scotland and the dam being from a Welsh line not that well known. Denie was an excellent working dog and at the age of four, I decided I would like a dog of my own that I could work in the field. So instead of buying one, we decided to breed our own. So the Cotswoldawn line of Hungarian Vizslas was started.Along came Kemble, whose pedigree name was Cotswoldawn Puddifoot Kem, her sire was champion Alsziv Pasque from the West Midlands, mainly a show dog but also worked in the field on occasion.When Ella Bella died at 14 years old we found we had a vacancy in the team and so I decided to have another litter of puppies this time from Kemble, She was mated with a dog called Daxpack Acer, Daxpack Acers sire is an imported dog from the famous Matai kennels in Hungary and so is true to the line of Vizslas. He was worked in the field for all aspects of HPR work, field trialing and shown, doing extremely well at Crufts in 2002.I have shown Kemble but neither of us enjoyed the experience so I have stuck with what we do best, working in the field. I kept a dog myself from this litter called Thorn, Pedigree name Cotswoldawn Rand Al Thor. This was Kemble’s first litter.Then in 2004, I had a second litter from Kemble, her last, and from this litter I have kept a bitch that took Denie's place in the field when she retired. The sire for this litter was Waidman Vagabond of Vallota who belonged to Sylvia Cox, a stunning dog similar to Denie in colouring, he was chosen for his working abilities not only in the field but also in trials coming from an excellent background of working dogs. This bitch was called Rioja and her Pedigree name was Cotswoldawn Elhana.Following the death of Denie in 2009 at the grand old age of 16 years, we decided to have a new puppy and keep our line alive, so this litter had Rioja as Dam and Thorn as Sire. I kept a puppy from this litter her name was Ziva and her pedigree name was Cotswoldawn Gwenevere.The stud dog I now have is one I brought into the team, his name is Jack and his pedigree name is Forbes Watson at Cotswoldawn, This pup was chosen as he has the lighter colouring of Denie, he has turned out to be a stunning dog in both working ability and temperament and I have been very excited about his pups. The inbreeding coefficient for Ziva’s and Jack’s litters is 3%.We no longer have any of the original team with us, Kemble 16 years old, Thorn 13 years old, and Rioja 10 years old all passed away in 2014.
A very sad year. We also lost Ziva in 2019.
On a lighter note, we welcomed a newcomer to the team Scout, Russet Rock Healy of Cotswoldawn, imported from Ireland she is the offspring of Cotswoldawn Quittance, one of Thorn and Riojas puppies, so the line lives on.Scout and Jack had a litter of puppies that I decided to keep a bitch from. The inbreeding coefficient for this litter is 3.4% well below the breed average of 4.7%. Jack's hip scores are 7/5 and Scouts were 7/7. All the dogs have been DNA tested for Cerebellar Ataxia and are all clear. Jack is still with us and going strong at 12 years old. Tragically we lost Scout during the whelping of this litter we kept the girl naming her Cotswoldawn Dibble.

Cotwoldawn Dibble

Litter Plans 2023

Dibble will be the Dam of this next planned litter. Her hip scores are 5/5, Elbow scores are 0/0. Her eye test scored 1 and she is clear for Cerebellar Ataxia. Exfoliative Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (ECLE) Clear. Hyperuricosuria (HUU SLC) Clear. Homozygous for the f-allele so Clear for the Furnished (long-haired).I am currently researching a suitable sire for her and will update you here as it is confirmed. She is expected to come into season around September time this year 2023.The pups will be microchipped, wormed and insured, and of course, KC registered. Vaccination protocols will need to be discussed. The puppies are not docked. There will also be a full information pack and the availability of contact for advice as long as required also the offer of training if needed. All our dogs live with us in the house and the pups will be well familiarised with everyday activities as well as having contact with the rest of the group and exposure to the outside. They will be provided with an up-to-date puppy pack containing information from everything about the Sire and the Dam through to training tips and suggestions.Please contact me for more information using the contact page.

Forbes Watson at Cotswoldawn - Jack

Dibble's Father

Russetrock Healy of Cotswoldawn - Scout

Dibble's Mother

The Cotswoldawn Family

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